Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes, were alive, and well

I have not totally forgotten about our blog. I have been debating for the past six months what to share and what not to share. Here is what Ive come up with: We have had a very hard year, particullarly the past 4 months, im not going to indulge with details, but it finally feels like things are looking up for us. Marcus is doing well, and stays busy everyday with recovery from the moment he wakes up, to the moment he goes to bed, I'm very proud of him and we are grateful for family and close friends and the prayers we have recieved. Will it stay this way forever? I am optimistic and hope that it will. I got a job at a salon here in Kennewick as a Nail tech, after about a month I knew it was not where I was supposed to be and I quit. With Marcus being gone I went to Utah for 3 weeks. I had a great visit and got to see lots of friends and family. Baylee is 1 yr and 5 months... going on 13. She has us laughing most of the time, with her over-the-top personality and TANTRUMS.. she obsessed with Dogs, playing in the car, and somehow she always knows where we've hid the "reeesh"(treats). She says NO, UH oh! Mama Dada dawd(dog) woof MiMi(blankie)Baby,Ball..and so on, you know the basics. When she sees me grab a diaper she hides in her little fort we made her and pretends to blend in with her toys. This past week she came down with a fever and Marcus took her to the doctor she had a fever of 105! she had both strep and an ear infection, poor baby! shes doing much better but I definately think all that down time is catching with up because she has been a handful.I can't believe how grown up she is and we love her.

I recently got hired at Bath and BOdy works, its seasonal with a chance to stay on after the season. Ive worked a few times and so far I'm really happy there and have a lot of fun! not to mention I always come home smelling fantastic! Marcus has had some bids and is working on a fairly large job this week. Were looking forward to the holidays(in laws up here for thanksgiving, were headed down there for christmas) and hopefully 2011 will be a brighter year for us! Im slacking on pictures.. we dont have a camera.. isnt that crazy??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Pictures

Im in love! theres a lot of pictures lately please bare with me! Mindy Young did Baylees newborns and 6 mos and now our family pictures, she does such a good job and she is one of the nicest people ever!

I know theres a ton but I could decide!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A whole Bunch of cuteness


We have been SUPER busy! We got our family pictures done by Mindy Young, we think it went great we can't wait to see them! by brother Nathan and his wife Jamie have come out to visit, its been a good visit, we went down to the cabin for a weekend, did some fishin and played games and just relaxed. Then they went with my parents to Moab and we came home. We went to my grandparents for the 4th bbq, it was good to see everyone. We have been swimming quite a bit, Marcus redid the doors in my parents house, and this weekend him and I are headed to Park city for 2 nights! we are very excited to slow down a little and just enjoy each other. We head home I think this thursday and hopefully we will have some jobs waiting for us, Marcus has had about 2 calls a week wanting bids. Baylee had her year appt she weighs only 18 lbs!! Can you believe that she is 15% weight and off the charts in height! other than that is healthy the doc was a little concerned about her weight but said as long as she eats(and she does) and is 20 lbs by the next appt then she is not too worried. Bay has gotten 2 molars now! she is so funny, she has to have a cracker or a bag of cereal or a bag of goldfish to just tote around pretty much at all times! she loves swimming, we take her about every day! and thats about it for now!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baylee's first birthday

Baylee turned 1 yesterday! can I tell you how stressful/wonderful/emotional day it was!? we had a bbq swim party at my parents house and it was themed pink Lemonade. We had lemon cake balls, lemon bars, pink lemonade cupcakes, pink lemonade and of course all the food that goes along with a bbq. We had perfect weather and a good time. marcus rented a helium tank... isn't he funny? He comes home with a helium tank and 150 balloons!! he ahd fun blowin them up and set up the back yard while my parents and I ran errands and baked! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by and I'm really excited for the next year. We love our little Baylee and what a blessing she is to our lives, and what a little sweetheart she is... with a little bit of drama queen.